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Questions and Answers

Is golf course currently on California State Parks' (CSP) property? Why does CSP own a golf course?

Yes the golf course is in Lake Valley State Recreation Area. The golf course was built prior to acquisition by CSP, and the property was divided into 2 park units: Lake Valley SRA which contains the golf course, and Washoe Meadows State Park which includes the rest of the area. CSP leases the course to a concessionaire to operate for public recreation, which aligns with the department’s mission statement for providing high-quality recreational opportunities.

Is the golf course being expanded (increase par and or yardage)?

No the golf course is not being expanded. Under alternative 2 the golf course would remain an 18 hole regulation golf course with approximately the same par and yardage, but some of the holes closest to the river would be removed to make room for river and floodplain restoration. These holes would be relocated to higher capability land on the west side of the river, and that area would be changed to SRA.

The area where golf course is removed would be restored, and that area would be changed to state park (this would be an approximately equal exchange of land between the two units).

Under alternatives 1 and 4, the golf course would not change. Under alternative 3 the golf course area would be reduced by approximately 40 percent allowing for only a 9 hole or executive course in the remaining area. Under alternative 5, the golf course would be eliminated.

Will the public be able to access the river?

Under alternatives 1 and 4, the golf course and bridges are not available for other recreation access such as hiking and biking because of a safety hazard.

Under alternative 2, trails on the west side of the river would tie to a new trail system on the east side of the river over the new bridge. The new bridge area would be designed so that there was safe access to the bridge and across the bridge for public use.

The area of river open to the public would be increased since the holes adjacent to the river (18, 12 etc) would be removed and a boardwalk and trail constructed, which would also tie into the regional bike path. Under alternatives 3 and 5 there would be no bridge across the river. Alternative 3 would include a boardwalk and trail on the southeast side of the river

Will snowmobiles be allowed on the west side of the river?

No, snowmobiles would only be allowed in the driving range area operated by the winter concession. Snowmobiles are currently only allowed in the driving range. These snowmobiles have tracks designed only for groomed track use the staff does not allow use off the groomed area. Illegal snowmobile use is an ongoing problem and CSP rangers are working on the issue.

Will I still be able to play 18 hole regulation golf?

Currently CSP does not have an official road and trail plan for WMSP, and there are no trails open for hiking in LVSRA. Under the appproved project (alternative 2 modified), CSP will undertake a planning effort to develp a recreation/road and trail plan. Under alternatives 1, 3, 4, and 5 there would be no short term change to the trails on the west side of the river in WMSP. Under alternative 2 most of the trails would remain open, but in the area of golf relocation, a gap in the course would be provided to cross from the river to the uplands (see map {link} and another trail would wrap around the north end of the golf course to cross the new bridge. New trails would be constructed on the southeast side of the river in the area where the golf course is removed under both alternatives 2 and 3 that tie into the corner of Country Club and the new paved bike path near the clubhouse.

See hiking trail maps for each alternative

How much money does CSP earn from the golf course?

The revenues vary annually. In the economic study completed in 2008, the average was $981,000 per year, $139,000 of which was reinvested as capital improvements. The revenue has decreased with the decline in the economy, but remains an important source of funding for Sierra District Parks.

Where will the funding come from?

CSP anticipates receiving grant funding to complete the river and meadow restoration work. The construction of relocated golf holes is anticipated to be paid for through the lease agreement.

Is CSP planning any development projects at Washoe Meadows State Park?

Under the proposed project (alternative 2 modified), the boundaries of WMSP and LVSRA were adjusted to reflect the reconfiguration of the golf course to less sensitive lands (and areas of golf removed would be adjusted to be state park). The adjusted WMSP area is anticipated to allow only trails and trailhead access; no other development would occur or be planned. Under alternatives 1, 3, and 4, no immediate planning or development would occur, but planning could occur for some sort of development for recreational use in the future. Under alternative 5, CSP would undertake planning for potential development of recreation infrastructure in both WMSP and LVSRA.