Project Purpose

The purpose of the proposed Project is to restore natural geomorphic and ecological processes to this section of the river and reduce sediment from flowing into Lake Tahoe. The Project will enhance trail connectivity and recreational access to offer a broad array of activities including fishing, hiking, biking, and golf recreation (18 hole regulation) while bringing substantial economic benefits to the local community to increase economic vitality.

The proposed Project (Alternative 2B) would relocate five golf course holes away from the rivers’ edge and out of the floodplain to less sensitive land west of the river. The river will be restored to a meandering pattern with connectivity to its floodplain. Areas where golf is removed from the floodplain would be restored to meadow habitat.

Recreation and access to California State Parks lands and regional trail connectivity will be improved by construction of a new ADA accessible trail that connects from the bike path along HWY 50 along the south side of the river and to a new bridge tying into trails in Washoe Meadows State Park on the west side of the river.

Project Goals:

  • Reduce erosion, fine sediment and nutrients into the Upper Truckee River and Lake Tahoe
  • Restore natural river channel to proper geomorphic function and reconnect to floodplain
  • Remove golf from rivers edge and restore habitat corridor with buffer zone
  • Improve aquatic and wildlife habitat
  • Improve and expand riparian and meadow vegetation
  • Reduce impacts of dated golf course by integrating environmentally sensitive designs
  • Provide wide array of recreation access including:
    • increased public access to river and trails and provide connectivity to Wahoe Meadows State Park for hiking, biking and other non-vehicular recreation
    • maintaining the golf course recreation opportunity at the current 18-hole championship level
    • increasing the economic benefits to California State Parks and the community