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The Project — Alternative 4

River Stabilization with Existing 18-Hole Regulation Golf Course

Alternative 4: River Stabilization with Existing 18-Hole Regulation Golf Course This alternative would include installing large rock rip rap, biotechnical and rock bank protection, and boulder grade controls along the river. The golf course would remain in its current configuration. Holes 6 and 7 bridges would be removed and replaced with one longer bridge for golf access, but no recreational access would be permitted over the bridge because it is in the area of golf play. There would be no change to the roads and trails on the west side of the river.

This alternative would stabilize the river in its current incised and straightened configuration using a combination of hard engineering and biotechnical treatments. It would require a more extensive and hard engineering approach because the current configuration is unstable, and the river will continue to try to adjust with ensuing high rates of erosion unless the stabilization is comprehensive (all banks treated in some manner and immobile bed grade controls). It would include installing bank protection (rip rap) and grade controls (rock weirs) that “lock” the river in its current alignment and elevation, incorporating bioengineering with native riparian vegetation

The alternative leaves the existing 18-hole golf course unchanged.

In alternative 4:

  • River channel would remain in straightened incised alignment; and no improvements to floodplain
  • Bed and banks of the river would be stabilized with large rock and enhanced with biotechnical techniques
  • No change to golf course holes
  • The three of the five golf course bridges that cross the river would be remain, but the bridge at holes 6 and 7 would be replaced with one longer span bridge between the holes
  • No other improvements to trails or bridges (existing bridges remain closed to non-golf public use )
  • No adjustment to the boundary between units would be needed