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The Benefits to Restoring the Upper Truckee River, Modernizing the Golf Course, and Enhancing Public Access to the State Park

Restore River & Lake Tahoe Clarity

  • Restore 1.5-mile section of the Upper Truckee River
  • Integral part of a larger multi-reach river restoration effort
  • Protect Lake Tahoe’s clarity by reducing erosion and sediment input
  • Protect fen and wetlands in State Park, which are outside of the project area
  • Reconnect river to its meadow floodplain
  • Restore water table levels and meadow vegetation
  • Restore riparian habitat and stream environment zone through restoration of geomorphic function

The project will help stop this sediment from entering Lake Tahoe while it also stops erosion at the River and golf course.

Modernize Golf Course Infrastructure

  • Replace 60-year old dilapidated failing irrigation system with new pipes, and sprinkler heads; update with sustainable, water-saving irrigation
  • Replace old sod, turf, bunkers, golf cart paths
  • Keep an 18-hole championship with an equivalent par and slope
  • Ensure longer and reliable play-time to golfers
  • Continue Audubon certification
  • Offer restroom facilities vs. current portable toilets
  • Keep community hub for nonprofit fundraising, theater and special events
  • Improve the training grounds for South Tahoe High School golf teams
  • Continue to generate substantial revenue for CA State Parks to help keep Emerald Bay and Bliss State Parks open
  • Keep full-time and part-time jobs at golf course and in our community
  • Boost our local economy directly and incrementally via revenues (2/3 of golf rounds are played by visitors who spend money on lodging, meals, etc.)
  • Provide quality, competitively-priced golf  to locals, youth, and visitors

The project will deliver a modernized golf course infrastructure with improved water use efficiency, turf and golf paths for environmental and economic sustainability.

Improve Recreational Access at State Park

  • Create new recreation access near the clubhouse, including trailhead, parking and picnic tables
  • Include an ADA-accessible trail to parallel southeast side of the river, connect from Highway 50 to a new bridge, and lead to trails on the west side of river
  • Provide reliable access for the general public to Washoe Meadows State Park
  • Remove five erosion-causing, fire-prone, undersized bridges; replace with three longer bridges
  • Create a day-use State Park entrance and picnic grounds north of maintenance shop
  • Also will include a public restroom

Our public State Park will become more easily enjoyable, with trails separate from the golf course, ADA access, parking and public restrooms.