What is wrong with the river the way it is?

The Upper Truckee River has a long history of disturbance, including channel straightening, grazing, logging, and gravel mining that has negatively impacted the river. The river downcut, disconnecting from the floodplane and continues to erode its bed and banks. This increases sediment which degrades water quality of the river and Lake Tahoe.

Will the project improve habitat?

Yes, by restoring the river meanders and connecting it to the floodplain, the water table will be higher, supporting riparian and wetland vegetation. Also by relocating some golf holes away from the river and away from the Angora Creek confluence, turf areas will be converted to meadow habitat.

When was the golf course built and why is it in a meadow?

The golf course was built in 1958-1964 on the former meadow floodplain (former because the river had eroded and lowered its bed, disconnecting from the meadow and leaving it drier). The golf irrigation and turf are dilapidated and in need of repair. This project will replace the decaying irrigation system with a more efficient system and refresh the majority of the turf.

Is the golf course moving into Washoe Meadows State Park?

No, all of the golf course will be reconfigured in Lake Valley SRA.

Will the golf course still be an 18 hole regulation course?

Yes, it will have similar par and yardage to the exiting course but the layout will change.