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The Project — Alternative 1

No Project / No Action

Alternative 1: No Project/No Action: Existing River and 18-Hole Regulation Golf Course: Under alternative 1 the golf course and state park would remain as is, in current conditions. The river and floodplain meadow would not be restored. All trails and roads would remain in their current location and recreational access would remain the same. No changes would be made to the boundaries between the 2 units.

Golf course and site would remain unchanged. Repairs to site facilities would continue on an as needed basis. Existing conditions on the project site would be projected into the future.

In alternative 1:

  • River, floodplain, and habitat would not be restored
  • Golf course would not be changed
  • No improvements to trails or bridges ( existing bridges remain closed to non-golf public use)
  • No adjustment to the boundary between units would be needed