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Other California State Parks Projects

Angora Sewer Reach

State Parks restored the reach of Angora Creek that had been channelized into a ditch upstream of the golf course through constructing a new channel through the meadow and golf course. The project restored geomorphic function, raised the water table in the meadow and shifted the meadow vegetation to wetter species, improving riparian habitat and water quality.

Angora Golf Course Reach

State Parks restored a reach of Angora Creek that was captured along the sewerline, causing erosion, drying of the meadow and water quality degradation. They constructed a new sinuous channel, restoring the channel and meadow habitat in 2002.

Washoe Borrow Pit

Bank Treatment

Riparian Hardwoods

Road Improvement

Trail Management

Dry Meadow Restoration

The large open area by the old Celio Barn, referred to as Dry Meadow, was once used for car races. The area was denuded of vegetation and had entrenched roads. State Parks restored the meadow area and improved the road to be used as a recreation trail.

Angora Creek Bridge

State Parks improved trails throughout Washoe Meadows State Park, including the area in the northern part of the park around Angora Creek in the wet meadow. The area is wet in the spring and when park users try to cross the meadow it causes compaction, erosion and capture of water on the trails and a myriad of side trails as people try to get around the wet areas.

Forest and Fuels Management

State Parks has implemented forest and fuels management projects in Washoe Meadows State Park every year since 1996. Projects have resulted in  reduction of dead and dying trees and surface fuels and thus fire hazards and improvement of forest health. and wildlife habitat.

Quary – Fen Culvert Replacement

During gravel quarrying, the hillside was dug into and the natural fen drainage became channelized – that culvert failed. In 2018 the culvert was replaced and brush boxes were constructed to reduce erosion.