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Roads and Trail Management

California State Parks (CSP) inherited a legacy of disturbance under previous private ownership including logging and mining prior to the land becoming Washoe Meadows State Park (WMSP).

This has left a myriad of poorly constructed and sited roads and skid trails, most of which have been adopted for recreational use by the public. California State Parks is slowly chipping away at fixing the roads and trails that are present in WMSP.

All the existing roads and trails have been accurately digitized using GPS technologies, and have a standardized identification table associated with them. This is the basis for prioritizing and applying treatments where needed. Because most of the existing roads and trails have poor design and construction techniques, they have degraded over the years and show gullying and erosion. From this, sediment is transported downslope impacting local streams and drainages.

State Parks began a program in 2000 to decommission and restore certain roads and trails topography and drainage patterns to a natural landscape. The disturbed surfaces are decompacted, the natural slope and drainage restored and the surface revegetated.

Other park access and utility roads have been repaired by filling and crowning the tread or grading and outsloping. By doing this, water is displaced from the tread surface rapidly which inhibits lateral erosion and gullying.

As funding and resources are available, future roads and trails projects and maintenance will be implemented.

Restoration in Pictures

Here are photographs of some of the roads and trails projects:


Road over sewer line in floodplain is below grade and captures drainage.

Another photo of same road over sewer line in floodplain: eroded below grade and captures drainage.

Typical diagram of treatment for a road an relatively flat ground.

Working on road over sewer line to crown it with imported material that will not be mobile when river floods area.

The same road is filled and crowned with coarse material to prevent erosion.

Trail gets wider every year and damage is done to meadow as users try to get around wet area in meadow. A board walk was constructed through this area.


A boardwalk was constructed to replace eroding trail in wet meadow.

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